Journey 247 : experience transformation

In the Word

  • curve ahead

    Out of Africa – Part 1

    A Bend in the Road… One of my Bible teachers once said, “When following the Lord, the path from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ is rarely, if ever a straight line.”  Time and time again I have found this to be true. For the last four years our family has been living, serving, and loving […]

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  • Transition

    A few months ago I told my wife Sara that the Lord was showing me we were in “transition;” not in the sense of moving from on thing to another, but in the sense of a birthing process.    There are three stages of labor in the birthing process:  Early, Active, and Transition.  I will […]

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  • HolyGrail005

    Bring out your dead!

    I am a new creation; old things have passed away and all things have been made new.  My old sinful, broken nature has been crucified with Christ.  Quite simply, I am not the person that I once was. So why, in the midst of life’s trials and everyday circumstances do I still find myself reacting […]

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  • Open Bible

    God’s Book (Psalm 139)

    My friend, The days of your life were written in God’s Book long before you were ever formed in your mother’s womb.  Your story is one of eternal hope.  Your life tells of God’s perfect redemption in the midst of a world that has been temporarily subjected to futility and brokenness.  His loving thoughts toward […]

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  • front and back of a penny

    Conquer and Occupy

      If we are to experience sustained revival in our homes, communities, cities, and nations; we must recognize that kingdom breakthrough is a two-sided coin.  Transforming culture requires both the power to conquer and the ability to occupy. In Exodus 23 and Deuteronomy 7, we read that the Lord was going before His people to […]

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  • Here I Am

    “Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send?  And who will go for us?’  And I said, ‘Here am I.  Send me!’” These words from Isaiah 6 never fail to grab my attention.  When I read them, something inside me stirs.  That is the kind of girl I want to […]

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  • Simple Thoughts on Hurting & Forgiving

    I’ve heard before, and said myself that “hurt people hurt people.” Today I found myself wanting to use that tidbit to justify someone’s lack of judgement (I was trying very hard to make sense of something hurtful thinking that it was more honorable than just simply wanting to “hurt them back”) but that line of […]

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  • Becoming the One

    If we are obedient to God, if we eagerly desire to become the men and women He has called us to be, and if we are chasing after His will and not our own, we discover our giftings and impact lives. You see, each and every person is uniquely gifted by God and should, through […]

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  • Listening Time

    Sam, my dad, and I had the amazing opportunity to spend the day out with our dear friends from Pebbles and Stones, Kathleen Trock and Sue DeKoekkoek, visiting the children at Charisma Tumaini school and Provision Education Center. (Mom & Baby Aviya stayed home to rest.) We did short Pebbles & Stones groups with them, […]

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  • the opposite of love

    It would seem so straightforward to say that love and hate are opposites – either you really like something or you really don’t. But there is so much more complexity to it. Easy though it might seem to believe, hate isn’t love’s opposite; selfishness is. And that is oh-so-painful to think about. There are times […]

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