Journey 247 : experience transformation

Missionary Life in Africa

  • Judean Date Palm 2005

    Out of Africa – Part 3

    Redeeming Forgotten Seed Every word from the Lord, every promise, every God-given dream or desire is an eternal seed.  And every God-seed has the life of God within it.  When released in the earth, under the right conditions, and in the proper season the seed will bring forth life; it will grow; it will bear […]

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  • wounded soldiers

    Out of Africa – Part 2

    Deep in enemy territory there was a small band of elite soldiers carrying out a covert op.  Although few were aware, the safety and security of the entire free world was hanging in the balance.  Upon near completion of the mission the team was discovered and began to take heavy enemy fire.  As they retreated to the chosen extraction point, […]

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  • curve ahead

    Out of Africa – Part 1

    A Bend in the Road… One of my Bible teachers once said, “When following the Lord, the path from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ is rarely, if ever a straight line.”  Time and time again I have found this to be true. For the last four years our family has been living, serving, and loving […]

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  • Our Nairobi Apartment

    There are a lot of things that make life in our Kenyan apartment in the city very different from our former life in a suburban house in America.  For example…   All the keys in houses are skeleton keys, and all the doors handles are levers.  Having lived in South Africa, where it was the same, I […]

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  • Five Minutes in Tanzania

    In May we travelled to the Nyanza Province in Kenya.  Our primary destination was the Rongo District where we were planning two days of training and equipping for the pastors, church leaders, and school teachers that CMA has been working with over the last 15 years.  The focus of the first day was equipping school teachers, children’s […]

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  • Mzungu, Mzungu!

    “How are YOU, Mzungu?”  That is the most popular line used by small children here when they see our family.  It is hilarious to me when kids ask to “feel” my hair or my skin; and it is – quite apparently – hilarious to them as well.  At church one week, one little lad reached […]

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  • My Busy Days

    It occurred to me that we should write more about what we do here in Kenya and what life as a missionary family is like.  For us, the things we do are simply our life.  It isn’t that we don’t see funny things, or even that we don’t take pleasure in doing things, it is […]

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  • Daughter of Yahweh

    The song that says, “You are great, You do miracles so great, there is no one else like You, there is no one else like You” – that’s the song my heart woke up singing this morning.  Today my miracle baby is four months old.  Sometimes I still cry when I look at her because […]

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  • Books!

    My family had an opportunity that was especially exciting:  bringing and passing out books to the children at Shangilia School and Children’s Home and at Kibagare School.  You see, I adore books and grew up with a library always, almost literally, just around the corner.  Here in Kenya, however, that is not the case.  There […]

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  • Karibu Aviya

    Tuesday morning, as I was giving our dishwasher (Samuel) a little  reprieve, I found myself weeping over a soapy cloth and sink half full of dirty dishes.  I was so overwhelmed with the presence of the Lord, thanking Him for the miracle that He brought to our family just five days earlier.  Over the last […]

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