Journey 247 : experience transformation

Sabra’s Thoughts

  • person on cliff

    Dangerous Dependency

    Dependency is a scary thing because it involves relying on someone other than yourself to come through for you.  When it comes to God, however, we are called to live lives that are wholly dependent on Him because He is both our Source and our Strength.  But how can we reconcile this idea of complete […]

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  • broken glass

    No Regrets

    I was talking with a group of people at school the other day; and, following a comment I made, one of the girls said, “You just don’t regret anything, do you, Sabra?”  It took no more than a second for me to smile and reply that it’s true; I don’t have regrets. You might be […]

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  • inside the box

    Outside the Comfort Zone

    Comfort zones – we all have them.  Some people’s comfort zones may be larger than others, but they are still there.  Some people have comfort zones that are large in some areas and small in others.  (By using the term “comfort zones,” I am really talking about the way we live and the important decisions […]

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  • Acacia tree Maasailand

    “I Like Life!”

    Monday morning seems to be a thing most people dread.  I, on the other hand, bounced out of bed with a “Good morning” in my heart, thanking the Lord for a new day.  (I would have said it out loud, but I didn’t want to wake my sleeping roommates.)  And it is my goal to […]

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  • jacaranda tree in South Africa

    Season of Silence

    “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1) We all go through seasons in our lives.  Right now, God is bringing me into a new season, and it actually has nothing to do with my circumstances this time.  Rather, He told me that He wants to bring […]

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  • flaming love


    Last Saturday night I got a very interesting opportunity.  A group of students from my college drove forty minutes to downtown Aberdeen, South Dakota, to do Red Box street evangelism; and I joined them.  Now, anyone who knows me well knows that when I have something important to say, I am far more comfortable writing […]

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  • Fourteen Falls (Kenya)

    His Name is Jesus

    The thing I love most about my relationship with God is that there is always more to know.  I could live my entire life, learning more about Him every single day, and I would still never know Him fully. Over the past couple months I have fallen more in love with God’s power.  His love, […]

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  • Destiny calls

    The Warfare of Prayer

    Someone once told me that I was a prayer warrior.  At the time, I laughed.  And up until a couple weeks ago, I still laughed.  You see, in my mind I had a definition of what a prayer warrior was.  A prayer warrior is one of those people who pray out loud really well, whose […]

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  • trusting hands

    Sweet Surrender

    On August 24, I will begin my freshman year at Trinity Bible College in North Dakota.  That is a deceptively simple statement, because the way I came to be saying that was not so simple. I love my family, and I love being at home.  Even my own brother calls me a “homebody.”  I was […]

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  • why question in metal type

    Because He Said So

    You know how sometimes someone tells you to do something and you say, “Why?” and they reply, “Because I said so”?  And do you know how annoying that can be?  Oh, it used to drive me nuts when I was little!  I wanted to know why I should do the thing that I was being […]

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