Journey 247 : experience transformation

What God has done

  • Judean Date Palm 2005

    Out of Africa – Part 3

    Redeeming Forgotten Seed Every word from the Lord, every promise, every God-given dream or desire is an eternal seed.  And every God-seed has the life of God within it.  When released in the earth, under the right conditions, and in the proper season the seed will bring forth life; it will grow; it will bear […]

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  • wounded soldiers

    Out of Africa – Part 2

    Deep in enemy territory there was a small band of elite soldiers carrying out a covert op.  Although few were aware, the safety and security of the entire free world was hanging in the balance.  Upon near completion of the mission the team was discovered and began to take heavy enemy fire.  As they retreated to the chosen extraction point, […]

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  • Chocolate cake, Fanta, and freedom

    I just wanted to share a quick story about three beautiful friends of ours that live right here in our community: Dora, Thandi, and Nosipho. Dora and Thandi are sisters and Nosipho is their niece.  Nosipho’s mom passed away several years ago after a battle with HIV/AIDS and her aunties now care for her as […]

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  • HIV, a blind eye, and 2 men with kidney problems

    Here are a couple of my favorite stories from the last couple weeks… In South Africa, there is still quite a bit of confusion and misunderstanding about HIV/AIDS. In most cases, I have found that people here don’t speak freely about such things. Even when people come forward to receive prayer they list all the […]

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  • God @ Work

    With our own eyes we see physical and spiritual miracles every single week.  Arthritis healed, money unexpectedly showing up in people’s bank accounts, drug addicts instantly delivered, and ankle full of metal screws that now is free of pain and has full rotation.  The team in one of the tent churches prayed for a boy […]

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  • Mighty River Tent Outreach

    We currently own two tents. One accommodates 300 people and the other accommodates 500. Through Mighty River Ministries, we are supporting one staff pastor and covering the expense of fourteen days of outreach meetings each month in the rural communities within a 100km radius of our ministry base. This ministry is impacting thousands of people […]

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  • The Living God in Africa

    Last night, while I was ministering in one of our tent outreaches in Glima, I felt impressed to share the truth of the reality that we serve a LIVING GOD. It is not uncommon for sangomas to visit these meetings in the rural areas. They often come to the meetings with the expressed purpose of […]

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  • A Mighty River

    As of January this year, our family has partnered with Mighty River Ministries here on the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal.  Our relationship with Pastor Martin and Sandy Trusler and the community of believers at Mighty River has been refreshing to our spirits.  Through Mighty River Ministries, we are very involved in the rural communities […]

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